Barnes & Noble Gift Wrap Volunteers

Image 8Thank you SO much for volunteering to gift wrap at your local Barnes & Noble store to raise funds for senior Weims!

The store will provide everything you need to wrap gifts, but you will take along a donation jar. Whatever you raise while wrapping gifts will leave the store with you and be donated to Senior Moments Weimaraners. Checks should be mailed to Senior Moments Weims, PO Box 781, Douglas, MI 49406.Have fun!

We’ve created two sizes of labels, simply print out the appropriate size and attach it to your jar.

Small Jar Label PDF          Large Jar Label PDF

This is a sheet of our contact information. Print them out (plain paper is ok, no need for heavy paper) and cut them apart. There are 12 on the page.

Contact Cards PDF

We have made a video of the seniors of SMW for you to download and play on a tablet or laptop on your giftwrapping table if allowed in your store. People love to see the pics and it may draw more folks to your table.

Barnes & Noble Video


If you have any questions or problems with these pdf files, contact us at

Happy Holidays from all of us at Senior Moments Weimaraners!