jacob marly travels to rainbow bridge

july 22, 2016:

a sad hello to all.  we are in detroit mi to help my g’daughter with a project.

a local vet and my illinois vet have concluded that jacob marly is bleeding internally from liver and/or spleen.  the prognosis is not good.  he has stopped drinking and can only sleep eratically because of his compromised breathing.

i decided long ago that he should be put to rest as soon as his prognosis and quality of life become seriously compromised. my feelings do not matter and i am not going to maintain him for my own selfish motives while he suffers.  i have made arrangements for jacob marly to be euthenized and scheduled for cremation at 5pm today by luv-n-care animal hospital medical staff.

jacob marly has been my constant friend and companion since adoption, january 9, 2007, from a local shelter back home.  we had a long, exciting fun filled life togeather.  he is loved by everyone, he never complained and he never said a bad word.

jacob marly – october 31, 2001 – july 22, 2016

14years 8months 22days for him; 102years 11month 21days for me.

jacob marley was proceeded in death by father joker donk syes and mother miss cotton hill molly.

with many tears,