Losing the ones that stole your heart….

imageThese two were the best of friends. Gretchen the Greyhound crossed over first then the big grey ghost, Cooper 21/2 years later. I have experienced the loss of pets before and I didn’t think the pain could be worse but it was. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about them. Cooper was so strong and fought until the very end. Such a strong willed, hard headed, stubborn, yet loving, sensitive, and smartest dog I have ever known. How could one so difficult at times be so compassionate to a rescued Racer? It’s like he knew where she came from was different and probably not as loving as what he had been use to. Soul mates in life and now soul mates somewhere over the Rainbow. I know we will see our fur babies one day and I do find that comforting. So until then………………..<3