Sweet Nellie <3

Her Daddy and I rescued her at 11 months, we were her 4th and final home. We could never understand how anyone couldn’t love such a sweet soul, but we were so thankful for her waiting for us.  She was a survivor, she beat cancer twice before it came back the final time, she bloated at 8 years old and survived, she was our precious 76 lb baby, and that was down from 85 lbs.  She was my first Weimy, my heart, my sweet baby, that had no idea she was a dog.  She was a Daddy’s girl from day one, and worshiped her Daddy, he that brought her to her to her loving home.  Her Chocolate Lab sister Bailey, who she adored – crossed first in April 2017, and Friday, March 23, 2018, Nellie went to play with her sister at the Rainbow Bridge.  We will miss our babies forever – Mommy and Daddy love you Sweet Nellie and Angel Bailey ~ Kisses to Bailey for us.

jacob marly travels to rainbow bridge

july 22, 2016:

a sad hello to all.  we are in detroit mi to help my g’daughter with a project.

a local vet and my illinois vet have concluded that jacob marly is bleeding internally from liver and/or spleen.  the prognosis is not good.  he has stopped drinking and can only sleep eratically because of his compromised breathing.

i decided long ago that he should be put to rest as soon as his prognosis and quality of life become seriously compromised. my feelings do not matter and i am not going to maintain him for my own selfish motives while he suffers.  i have made arrangements for jacob marly to be euthenized and scheduled for cremation at 5pm today by luv-n-care animal hospital medical staff.

jacob marly has been my constant friend and companion since adoption, january 9, 2007, from a local shelter back home.  we had a long, exciting fun filled life togeather.  he is loved by everyone, he never complained and he never said a bad word.

jacob marly – october 31, 2001 – july 22, 2016

14years 8months 22days for him; 102years 11month 21days for me.

jacob marley was proceeded in death by father joker donk syes and mother miss cotton hill molly.

with many tears,



For anyone questioning adopting I hope this helps.

We adopted my dear Skipper in 2003.  He was called a “project” type of dog.  He’d been abused by a puppy mill for a year and a half. To call him skidish that first year would be a huge understatement.  When we first got him he took to my wife quickly but for me it took a bit longer.  Through the years Skipper helped raise my 2 daughters and handled new baby scenarios beautifully.  He was a constant low maintenance companion for the last 13 years and the best dog I have ever had.  I miss him terribly and thought I would share this here in hopes it might convince someone to take a shot at adoption on what could turn out to be the best friend you will ever have!



Missing Sterling

My precious Sterling passed away March 15, 2014. I adopted her when she was 5 and I was her fourth and FINAL owner. My grandparents had a Weimar so I grew up around the breed. I have always loved them and I knew when I got older and had a family of my own, I wanted my children to experience the unconditional love from these magnificent dogs. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more gentle or loyal dog to have around my kids.
Her loyalty to me was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. People always have told me, “rescue dogs just know.” But let’s be honest, she rescued me! I always knew when the day came of her passing, I would be a mess but never imagined the pain and the emptiness I still feel. She passed away a month before her 12th birthday. In true Weimar fashion, she certainly never acted like a “senior.”

Love at it’s purest

DSC01239Miss Bailey, you came into my life only 3 months old and we were best companions for almost 14 years. Your typical Weim strong headed, push, in-charge, yet gentle and soft personality won the hearts of anyone that met you. You were the most traveled gal and loved to experience new places with me over the years. Thank you for your unconditional love, companionship and goofiness. The memories of you stealing whole loaves of bread from counters, dad’s leftover rhubarb crisp and a half dozen ears of corn from grandmas sink make me laugh. Daily cuddles were special when you would climb and flip upside down with your head on my shoulder and we’d nap. I miss that! Run free and have fun times until we both meet again.

Losing the ones that stole your heart….

imageThese two were the best of friends. Gretchen the Greyhound crossed over first then the big grey ghost, Cooper 21/2 years later. I have experienced the loss of pets before and I didn’t think the pain could be worse but it was. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about them. Cooper was so strong and fought until the very end. Such a strong willed, hard headed, stubborn, yet loving, sensitive, and smartest dog I have ever known. How could one so difficult at times be so compassionate to a rescued Racer? It’s like he knew where she came from was different and probably not as loving as what he had been use to. Soul mates in life and now soul mates somewhere over the Rainbow. I know we will see our fur babies one day and I do find that comforting. So until then………………..<3