In Loving Memory of Sampson 2002-2010


Sampson was big brother to my Weim boy, Jackson. Sadly, our friends Bill and Wes lost him at the young age of 7 to cancer. While Sampson’s life was short, he only knew one family and was given so much love over the years. That brings us a great deal of comfort, but we still miss him very much. Run free sweet boy.

Our Chase

Chase 2013

You came into our lives only because another could not care for you. You were only 9 months old, full of fear and anxiety. You nipped at everyone, you ate a couch,and a wall but your eyes told us that a stable home with lots of love,excercise and dependable boundries would make you happy. You grew to be my handsome, loving “velco” buddy. 13 years was not nearly long enough but yet again your eyes told me what you needed and we let you go with love. Our lives are richer for having been owned by you Chase.

Messer 11/11/94 – 7/28/07

Messy my first weimy and my first rescue. She came to me in summer of 1995, 9 months old and only 35 pounds of skin, bones and parasites. I nursed her back to health and had a rambunctious (wild) girl on my hands. The most loyal friend I ever had. I needed her as much as she needed me. I will miss her always! Love you, Mess. Mommy misses you.

my messer

Fur Angel Hannah

Hannah was a rescue who I adopted when she was 18 months. She lived to be 14 years old, the oldest of any of my Weimaraners. She was gentle and was a pet therapy dog and she enjoyed volunteering and visiting nursing homes with me with the Fur Angels, a Bright and Beautiful pet therapy group.

Missing Sheena

Sheena was our fourth Weim, adopted at age 10 from a rescue. She’d been found wandering a trailer park and eating out of trashcans. That dog could open a can of tuna with her teeth (as we discovered one day when she grabbed a can off of the counter)! Her owner had moved and the person who was supposed to be taking care of her didn’t. She had some lifelong scars and we’re sure life on the street was difficult.

Sheena had been at the rescue for two years because she was “too old” and nobody wanted an old dog. Adopters prefer the youngsters, so the older dogs linger. Knowing this, we’d been looking to specifically adopt and help a senior Weim.

She lived with us for four years until lung cancer took her from us. We miss Sheena and were so glad to be able to give her four great years of love. We hope that sleeping our our couch in climate-controlled comfort with regular meals helped make up for some of what humans had done to her earlier in her life.

See you at the Bridge, Sheena!

Love, Laurie & Bob


It’s not about living, but living well

My Socrates, he came to us abused, lost, frightened, and sad, just surviving.
With the help of Peaches, our very confident English Pointer, love, and gentle hands, he grew in to a very confident, happy boy, even when he had setbacks, he would always get back to his happy Weimie self!
I learned more from Socrates than any other fur kid. He taught me more about myself, and changed me in ways I can’t ever explain. I miss him every day. Rest in peace my sweet boy.

In Memory of Jake

Jake – From the moment we adopted you, when you were 1 1/2 years old, you found your way into our hearts. Your endless enthusiasm and boundless joy were contagious. You befriended everyone you met. You adored all children and always made a bee line right for the smallest toddler….then with infinite gentleness, you would cuddle or play tug-of-war…never once knocking over the child…always causing squeals of delight and giggles.

You were our Gentle Ben. We were told that you had been turned into the Humane Society because you were aggressive and un-trainable. Yet, the most gentle, calm Weim, we have never met. You earned your Canine Good Citizenship certificate within the 1st year. You made friends with everyone, loved everyone and adored children. You were never happier than when you had everyone’s attention….all for yourself. You were stubborn, mule-headed, pushy….pretty typical for Weim. You had a penchant for eating underwear and socks whole….and hated being crated….You broke us in and trained us well.

You were my running buddy for many years…..our dear friend and beloved companion. It will be hard for any Weim to walk in your shoes. You were very special. You will always be close to our hearts and in our memories. Love, Lynn & Dan.