Founding Donor

Ok, so nobody’s really gonna carve you in granite astride a horse or anything, but the senior Weimaraners you save will dish up loads of unconditional LOVE and APPRECIATION!   Seems like a fair trade, don’t you think?

WeimBeachWe are raising the seed money needed to get Senior Moments Weimaraners off the ground and saving seniors ASAP.  We need volunteers, foster homes and good old fashioned greenbacks because, well, vets and pet supply stores won’t take our good intentions as payment.

Please use one of the secure Paypal buttons below.  We have set up donation levels to address different needs we will have for the senior Weims in our care.  We are a 501(c)(3) federally-recognized non-profit and you will receive a tax receipt along with our undying gratitude!

If you prefer, you may mail a check the old fashioned way to Senior Moments Weims, PO Box 781, Douglas, MI 49406.


Platinum Donor $500

Your donation will cover special needs such as one heartworm treatment or surgery.


Gold Donor $300

Your donation will pay for a vet exam, spay/neuter, vaccines, heartworm test and microchipping for one Weim.


Silver Donor $100

Your donation will buy a crate or a year’s worth of heartworm prevention for one Weim.


Bronze Donor $50

Your donation will pay for five months of flea/tick prevention or set of vaccines for one Weim or five microchips.


Copper Donor $25

Your donation will pay for one bag of dog food, one month of joint/mobility supplements for one Weim or one Thundershirt for an anxious senior Weim.