Weims Looking for Love

The senior Weims you see here are available for adoption. We share all of the information we have on the dogs, but it is common to have no background as the seniors come to us as strays or owner-surrenders to shelters where little data is gathered. We will tell you what we know and have discovered during their time with us.

If you have unanswered questions about a particular senior, please let us know. See our Contact Us page for ways to reach us.



Hi, I’m Zeus. My Momma died and her family couldn’t keep me anymore. I’m looking for my new home.

I’m 11 years old, up-to-date with the vet and healthy. I’m going to get a dental cleaning soon, so I’ll have pearly whites soon.

I’m playful, but I can also enjoy a good couch. I know how to use a doggie door –I’m smart like that. I free-roam with other dogs when my foster Mom is at work and I’m a good boy. I don’t like being separated by gates or doors when people are at home though, I will bark to show my displeasure. I don’t do that when she leaves for work though. I should probably not live in an apartment just in case.

I was an only dog when I lived with my Momma, but I really like having other dogs around. Momma worked from home, so I like having either a person or another dog around. Momma had a cat too, so I might like yours. We’ll need to be carefully introduced, of course. My family says I like children, but SMW has not had me around any yet.

I’m currently in Oklahoma, but am willing to move. Click here to get the ball rolling and I’ll start packing!  https://senior-moments-weimaraners.com/application/