Weims Looking for Love

The senior Weims you see here are available for adoption. We share all of the information we have on the dogs, but it is common to have no background as the seniors come to us as strays or owner-surrenders to shelters where little data is gathered. We will tell you what we know and have discovered during their time with us.

If you have unanswered questions about a particular senior, please let us know. See our Contact Us page for methods.


Hans (medical Foster needed)
Hans is a 10 y/o blue boy who needs a quiet home to stay while he goes through heart worm treatments. A home with a dog door or someone home a lot would be best for him.  He also has a cherry eye which will be a simple surgery to fix.  
He is great with people and is currently in a short-term foster home with other dogs and doing well.  However, dogs in the foster home should be quiet as he will not be allowed to play or get excited during heart worm treatment.  He is 89# and very sweet.  We’re told he’s good with humans and likes to ride in the car.  He has a prey drive, so we don’t think cats are a good idea.
Hans is currently in TX, but he’s willing to move.  SMW will pay all of his medical expenses while he is in foster care.  If you can help a guy out, please contact us ASAP here:  https://senior-moments-weimaraners.com/who-we-are/foster-home-information/.


Rylie (Adopter needed)

Rylie is a typical Weim girl and enjoys other dogs and people. She is crate trained and loves car rides. Rylie could use some work on her leash-walking skills. She takes medicine for hip dysplasia and needs a home without stairs.

Rylie is a sweet girl who found herself in need of our help through no fault of her own. Her lifelong human family grew and there was no time left for her to get the time and attention she needed.  

Rylie is currently in the Dallas, TX area, but we can transport her to the right home. Could you give a girl a second chance?  If so, please fill out our application:  https://senior-moments-weimaraners.com/who-we-are/adoption-information/

Heidi & Bailey (Adopter needed – Mother & Daughter)
TWICE as nice!

Weim Momma, Heidi (10 and 68#), and her daughter, Bailey (5ish and 52#) are officially accepting adoption applications. Saved from a Texas shelter, they are now fostered in Connecticut and have discovered that snow can be fun. They are house-trained, know basic commands and would be a great pair for almost anyone. Both are leash-trained and are fine with other dogs and cats. Heidi is a silver Weim who is being tight-lipped about just who/what fathered Bailey. A girl’s gotta have her secrets.

These two girls are very bonded, playful (they even drop what they are fetching so you can throw it again!), love car rides and people. Bailey especially loves the human boy at her foster home. She has had a blast catching snowballs and sledding with “her” boy since her move north. She also sleeps in his bed at night. Heidi likes to hang out on the back of the couch and is a stealthy counter-surfer.  

They are both happy-go-lucky, sweet and friendly. Unlike typical Weims, they are not needy, needy, needy for humans, but they must have each other. Bailey lacks confidence and can be nervous about meeting new people, but quickly quiets if humans remain calm. 

Both girls are up-to-date on vetting, heart worm negative and microchipped. Heidi had her spleen removed while in rescue, but is fine now. We can arrange transport within a day’s drive of their CT foster home if distance is an issue.

If your home could use a double dose of sweetness, please apply here:  https://senior-moments-weimaraners.com/who-we-are/adoption-information/


SHOTGUN! Chloe LOVES to ride in the car. She’s seeking a human to do the driving.

Chloe is up for adoption and currently lives at a foster home in South Carolina. She is 12.5 years old, weighs about 80# and is up-to-date on vetting. In case you are wondering, her facial discoloration is from eye medicine she once used.

She would be happiest as an only dog or with a calm, quiet sibling. She is used to living with a retired person and her foster Mom works from home. If someone is around your house a lot, Chloe’s your girl! She also enjoys walks and boating (and likely long walks on the beach?). No dog parks though as fast-playing youngsters are too much for her.

We can arrange transportation within a day’s drive of South Carolina if distance is an issue. If you’d like to be driving Miss Chloe, please contact us today. https://senior-moments-weimaraners.com/who-we-are/adoption-information/


Chloe and Faith

Hurricane victims need a new home
Chloe (front) and Faith (back) lost their home to Hurricane Michael in Florida. They are a bonded pair of 11-ish-year-old girls who need a new place to lay their heads.  

Chloe is a sweet 80# girl who loves car rides. She is strong and could use work on her leash manners. She free-roams up to eight hours during the workday. She likes people and most dogs, but is not cat-safe. Let’s just say her pic is on the Most Wanted wall at the Feline FBI. A home with chickens and such would also not be a good fit. 

Faith is a sweet 94# girl who loves car rides and likes to go for walks. She free-roams up to eight hours during the workday. She likes people and dogs, but is not cat-safe. She is healthy, but could use some extra walks and maybe a d-i-e-t (ssshhh, don’t tell her that!).

The girls will only be adopted together. They are located in the Florida Panhandle but we will arrange transport within a two-day drive.  Click here to adopt:  https://senior-moments-weimaraners.com/who-we-are/adoption-information/

For more photos, Faith’s page is here: https://www.petfinder.com/dog/faith-45015959/fl/panama-city/senior-moments-weimaraners-inc-mi916/


Bella is a beautiful blue girl, 11.5 years old and she has a natural tail. Her daddy passed away and her Mom can’t handle a dog her size or her need for attention. She is good with dogs and indoor cats (outside cats are fair game). She enjoys tennis balls, frisbees and counter surfing. She can be crated for short periods of time.

Favorite things are people, watching people cook, being in the yard with people, having people rub her belly, dinnertime, snack time, tennis ball time, frisbee time, you get the picture.?

Bella is currently in TX, but transport can be arranged to the right home.  Click here to apply to add her sweetness to your home:   https://senior-moments-weimaraners.com/who-we-are/adoption-information/